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John Taylor Hicks is an Aggressive
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"My Practice Emphasizes Results, Not Hype."
– Attorney John Taylor Hicks
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Mr. Hicks is considered an authority. Successfully handled dozens of murder and attempted murder cases, including 14 COUNTS OF TRIAL WINS FOR MURDER CASES. He avoided the death penalty in all six counts of aggravated murder handled, including the second worst case of mass murder in Seattle history to go to trial.

Extremely high record win and dismissal record, including complex and high-profile cases.

He obtained the first non-conviction (hung jury) for a cold case murder trial in Washington State.

White Collar, Official Misconduct and Economic Crimes:

Mr. Hicks has successfully represented many individuals, including:

  • Major international oil company vice president charged with mail fraud for $260,000 corporate theft with Federal Court sentencing guidelines requiring 15 – 21 months. Mr. Hicks obtained straight probation with no prison time to be served.
  • Local chief of police had been under investigation for two and a half years for crimes in office. The case was kept out of federal court. The client pled to one state misdemeanor with the plea withdrawn (clean record kept) and the charge dismissed upon fulfillment of conditions.
  • Police officer investigated for theft of evidence. Investigation dropped.
  • Attorney pled to massive theft of trust finds with the state recommendation of 24 months prison. Client received sentence of six months house arrest.
  • Ring leader of a three-continent immigration fraud case with the potential of a near life sentence resulted in an eight year sentence.
  • Prostitution enterprise case dismissed following motion showing lack of control by property owner.
  • Numerous trial wins and dismissals for drug cases.
  • Two count forgery case: Full acquittal.

Other Violent Offenses:

  • University teacher accused of felony domestic violence assault and interference with reporting. Acquitted of both counts. Forensic evidence and cross examination proved alleged victim lying and that injuries accidentally self- inflicted.
  • Three strikes assault prosecution (life without parole if convicted). Client obtained misdemeanor assault (non-felony) on the third day of trial. No jail.
  • Off duty Marine charged with two counts of assault using a firearm. Defense proved self-defense. Acquitted of both counts.
  • Assault second degree based on disfiguring injury inflicted by client with broken glass in front of dozens of witnesses. Full acquittal based on self defense argument where client claimed he was threatened by victim.

Sex Offenses:

  • Defended all types of sex crimes including serial rape with an unusually high trial win and pre-trial dismissal rate. See "Dismissals From Investigation" below.

Dismissals from Investigation:

  • State corrections officer investigated for assault, rape and kidnapping of exotic dancer result in dropped charges following results of defense investigation and client polygraph.
  • Client investigated by a prosecutor and held in custody for murder of a local attorney. The client was released with no charges following the defense investigation proving he had an alibi.
  • Murder charge against client, the girlfriend of the codefendant, dismissed after investigation showed codefendant boyfriend solely responsible.
  • Murder first degree charged against female client dismissed, after pretrial motion resulted in suppression of codefendant’s statement against her. Client pled to misdemeanor, no jail.
  • Client charged with rape of prostitute. Charges dismissed at trial after defense investigation showed client to be the latest victim of a financial shakedown of the prostitute and her pimp. Police reports of other cases showed same pattern.
  • Rape case dismissed at trial when "victim" found to have admitted out of court that she told client she had "rape fantasy," sex was censual, and only told her husband that she was raped after he confronted her.


  • Successfully kept most cases in the juvenile justice systems rather than adult court. This includes violent cases over prosecution’s motions for trial in adult court.
  • Client charged with two counts of sexual assault, including rape, was acquitted on both counts at trial, resulting from defense investigation showing likely consent, and faulty science used by state to suggest "victim" too intoxicated to consent.

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Peer Endorsements

There is no better endorsement as a lawyer than when a jury agrees with you and finds in favor of your client. John is the type of lawyer that not only wins the case but makes juries see things from his client's point of view. If I were in trouble the first and only call would be to John Hicks.
- J. Becker,
Business Attorney in Mill Creek, WA

John is a highly respected trial lawyer, with years of high publicity cases. He is highly regarded by his colleagues and a very tough-minded advocate.
- Rand Koler,
Lawsuit / Dispute Attorney in Seattle, WA

I endorse this lawyer. John has a tremendous amount of experience representing the toughest cases. John is hard working and gets great results for his clients.
- Veronica Freitas,
Family Law Attorney in Seattle, WA

I endorse this lawyer. John is very experienced and knowledgeable. He is a fearless advocate in the courtroom. Underneath his gruff exterior, he has a big heart.
- Mariko Mulligan,
Criminal Defense Attorney in Seattle, WA

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